URJI Women Support Association of Edmonton

Working Toward a Brighter Future

A prosperous and progressive society to help one another thrive.

Our Mission

To support Canadian newcomers to integrate and succeed in Canadian society, by providing resourceful settlement programs and services designed to each individual needs.

We also support the education of children and the development of women overseas.

To accomplish our mission we partner with individuals, communities, and organizations to mobilize the support needed to meet the settlement needs of Canadian newcomers.

Urji Women Support Association of Edmonton is excited to announce a new initiative!

We have recognized and are concerned about the number of women who cannot drive. Driving is an essential skill in Edmonton. This skill offers mobility, safety, convenience, freedom, flexibility, and timesaving.

We have submitted applications for funding support for driving lessons. The average cost is $1000 per person, including classroom and driving instruction. Anyone wiling to sponsor a Woman for driving classes, please contact Iftu at 557-568-8458.

We are primarily looking for volunteers to be practice “buddies” for individuals taking driving lessons. If you can spare a couple of hours per week, please contact us and we will provide information on a woman just learning to drive. You need only have a drivers license, a clean driving history, comfort in having a beginner drive you and confidence in your ability to provide driving guidance. Again, please contact Iftu at 557-568-8458.