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Education Overseas

Since basic primary education was made free in Ethiopia, access to it has greatly improved for those from poorer communities and families.

However, some groups still do not have access to quality education for many reasons.

What we offer

Ensuring access to education for many young children in rural areas poses a significant challenge, primarily due to the financial burden associated with school registration, uniforms, and necessary supplies. The identified regions facing these hurdles include:

  1. Oromia Region Bale Zone – Goro Kabale-Bale School, Bale Ali Kerem Primary School.
  2. Oromia Regional State Gujii Zone – Liben District Hardot Primary School.
  3. Oromia Region Borana Zone – Miyoo Kabale.
  4. Oromia Region Harargee Zone – Gammachis Kabale Wal’argi Primary School Kara Dulacha.
  5. Oromia Region Arsi Zone – Dodola.

In response to these challenges, Urji Women is actively supporting 36 students (comprising 19 boys and 17 girls) from the aforementioned communities. Our organization covers the registration fees for each child and provides essential school supplies, including backpacks, notebooks, pens, and pencils.

To execute these initiatives effectively, we collaborate with local teachers who play a crucial role in identifying families in need, procuring school supplies, and organizing distribution within their respective schools. This partnership strengthens our ability to reach and assist those facing financial barriers to education.

Currently, we are working towards establishing a direct collaboration with the Ministry of Education in Ethiopia. This strategic partnership aims to streamline our intervention process, ensuring a more efficient and widespread impact on the education landscape in these rural areas. Through such collaborations, we strive to enhance educational opportunities for young minds and contribute to the overall development of these communities.