URJI Women Support Association of Edmonton

Programs & Services

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Mental Health

Promoting mental health involves fostering well-being through various means such as creating supportive environments, encouraging open dialogue, offering resources and support, reducing stigma, and emphasizing self-care practices.

Black Women Empowerment Safe Circle

The Urji Women Support Association empowers black women by providing a safe and inclusive space for them to overcome discrimination and racism.

Children Activities

Children at Urji Women Support Association of Edmonton enjoy and participate in different activities. Some of these activities are painting, crafting, games at the park, practice Math, Arabic, Science and outdoor activities

Summer Programs

Urji Women Support has begun its Summer Youth program for the summer. Global citizen Summer Program provide participants between the ages of 6–15 years a structured day of activities.

English Circle Practice

Learn and practice English skills in a group setting. Classes also aid in supporting women to feel confident when speaking the language and feel integrated in a community.

Computer Classes

Improve the knowledge and skills using computers from the basics to, using and browsing the internet. In addition of learning common office software, and file management.