URJI Women Support Association of Edmonton

Mental Health

Promoting mental health involves fostering well-being through various means such as creating supportive environments, encouraging open dialogue, offering resources, support, reducing stigma, and emphasizing self-care practices.

What we offer

The Urji Women Support Association offers a range of vital mental health programs addressing issues such as relationships, family matters, anxiety, cultural shock, homesickness, and loneliness. Our dedicated initiatives provide invaluable support to empower women in navigating these challenges, fostering emotional well-being and resilience within the community.

Managing Immigration Stress

Feeling overwhelmed in a new country? Our services offer support for:

  • Relationship and Family Issues
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Depression and Sadness
  • Homesickness and Loneliness
  • Trauma, Discrimination, and Bullying
  • Domestic Violence
  • Culture Shock

Join us for in-person sessions every Saturday from 4:00 to 5:30 pm. Open to permanent residents and conventional refugees aged 18+